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Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Established by building designer Alastair McDonald, EDG.Space has evolved into a premier boutique and commercial building design firm servicing clients across Eastern Australia.

With a commitment to unique, innovative and sustainable design, EDG.Space has become a trusted name in the industry.

From Local Beginnings…

Alastair's journey in the building design industry began with a passion for creating memorable and innovative designs.

In 2003, he took the leap, launching his first business, Alastair McDonald Design. In 2007, Alastair formed a partnership with Envisage Design Group.

In 2012, he left Envisage Design Group to create Ecotecture Design Group, which evolved into EDG.Space to cater to a broader set of clients.

"I'm not 100% sure what drove me to start my own business - it just seemed like a natural progression. I know I was incredibly passionate and even somewhat impatient to start. With a family background in construction, I recall wanting to learn as much as possible when I first started and work across as many projects as I could to become an expert in building design", Alastair says.

Expanding Horizons: From Echuca to Eastern Australia

Starting with a local office in Echuca, Alastair wanted to promote good design in the Echuca region and throughout Victoria.

"I wanted to put my stamp on the local community, creating designs that were not only functional and practical, but that were sophisticated, solutions-focused and of a high quality", he says.

He built a team of talented specialists specialising in boutique residential design and commercial projects, including hospitality, health, and various industrial projects.

The team's commitment to solution-based design led to the opening of a Melbourne office in June 2022. A permanent presence in the city enabled EDG.Space to access top design talent to serve clients better in metro and regional areas.

Diverse Portfolio, Award-Winning Designs

EDG.Space is proud of its diverse portfolio, which spans multi-use commercial projects, boutique residential designs, and refurbishments.

The team works simultaneously on many projects, allowing the team to grow and develop their skills continually. Residential projects are faster to complete than large-scale commercial projects, which can take years to come to fruition.

"Because we have such a diverse portfolio, it lets the team put their wide range of skills to work. And they get the benefit of working closely with residential clients to see jobs complete while working on larger projects that can take longer to see the outputs of all their hard work", Alastair says.

With offices in Echuca and Melbourne, EDG.Space has designed builds for areas including Victoria and New South Wales, including multiple projects in Sydney, Melbourne, and more.

Designing Unique Solutions: Beyond the Blueprint

What sets EDG.Space apart is their commitment to never doing the same thing twice.

The team approaches every project with a thorough exploration of the client's brief to understand the unique requirements and budget constraints to create the best design possible. The team prides itself on delivering exceptional, solutions-based, affordable solutions that stand out.

"We always try to work within a client's budget, but we also guide clients on what's practical and realistic for their vision. We have the conversation first and set clear expectations so we can come up with an innovative design to suit their needs", Alastair says.

Alastair and the team are passionate about building meaningful relationships with clients to ensure project delivery of the highest standard every time. EDG.Space enjoys excellent working relationships with various clients, including many from the local government, state government, and private sectors.

Sustainable Design: Beyond Buzzwords

Although EDG.Space doesn't consider itself an environmental leader, they're passionate about sustainability and longevity and considers the entire building lifecycle when designing.

The team focuses on using sustainable materials that endure, challenging the industry's inclination to use short-term solutions.

"There is a push from both state and federal government for using electric cars, electric appliances, solar panels or batteries to drive energy efficiency. However, there is no consideration for the embodied energy, life expectancy, repurposing or recyclability of these products, potentially creating a bigger footprint on the globe than we currently have.

At EDG.Space, we look at the resources and materials that go into the build, identifying practical ways of being sustainable and energy efficient that don't cost a lot of money and reduce the long-term footprint of a property", he says.

When designing, the team considers the potential multiple uses over a building's life cycle, taking a pragmatic approach to energy efficiency.

Building a Team for Tomorrow

EDG.Space is about more than just designing memorable designs with strong attention to detail. It's about the people who bring these creative visions to life. Alastair is focusing on evolving and expanding to build a team boasting broad experience across different facets of design.

"We're on a journey to build the best design team, leaders in the design industry, offering diverse strengths and a range of skills that best serve our clients, both residential and commercial", he says.

The team has a clear goal. To become a leading premier boutique and commercial building design firm, delivering innovative and bespoke design solutions to clients in Eastern Australia.

Looking Ahead: Designing Tomorrow, Today

As EDG.Space continues to grow, its commitment to innovative design, sustainability, and client satisfaction remains unwavering.

By combining expertise with a client-centric approach, Alastair and the team are creating spaces that don't just meet today's needs but will be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Experience the EDG.Space difference – where innovation, sustainability, and sophistication combine to create high-quality, memorable spaces.

Offering a complete service package from conceptual design to project management and completion and a team that's highly qualified in all facets of the design process.

Get in touch with Alastair and the team for a no-obligation chat to see how they can help.


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