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Whether you’re building a new family home, commissioning a real estate unit development to sell or creating a commercial space, EDG.Space is the perfect team to enlist for building design services. We carefully appraise the needs of each project to create an end result that has individuality while preserving the beauty of your surroundings.

When it comes to building design concepts, no two projects are the same. From the location, property surrounds, local regulations and client taste, each design will differ with every build. At EDG.Space the combined skills of our design experts and specialists have allowed us to streamline a process that custom-tailors each project.


Our designers have successfully completed innovative, modern designs for builds in hospitality, education, community housing, commercial and residential sectors. From trendsetting contemporary homes to heritage dwellings, we create memorable designs that will maximise the value of your property.


Our designers are exceptional at delivering a high-quality finish with a sensitivity for context and detail to match your brief. Whether you’re planning to live in your finished home or  building to sell, a professionally designed home is your best choice for maximising property value.


At EDG.Space we can help you get it right from planning to design to overseeing construction. We provide a wide selection of design services from new builds, multi-residential, mixed-use developments and interior design.


When you invest in a professionally designed home with us and our detail-oriented approach, you’ll be saving costs when you commission your designs later for building and gain better value for your property in the future.



When it comes to modern home designs, EDG prioritizes an innovative response to match brief and context. If you’re looking for creative and sensible solutions when building your home from scratch or simply doing a remodel to go with the times, our design process is specifically targeted to ensure a smooth, practical experience for our clients. With a passion for intimate contemporary housing, our building designers provide clients with an outlet to realize their vision for their property in full. From new builds to multi-residential, interior design,, and more, we create practical environments with sophistication, comfort, and optimized utility.

At EDG.Space we’re incredibly involved and hands-on with our clients. Building a close-knit relationship from the start, we first develop an initial sketch of concept floor plans and present our interpretation of your vision. These sketches explore a range of ways that the building design and brief can further evolve to achieve the desired outcome. It will give you ample time and opportunity to consider key decisions and guide the development of your home moving forward. From detailed drawings of each room that gives you a good idea of what your eating, sleeping, and relaxing spaces will look like to converging environments and a solar design that allows for natural lighting, to modern finishes that create a distinct aesthetic—EDG.Space design homes with unique, lasting character.



EDG.Space is a boutique design practice that researches and creates sophisticated living spaces for residential units with an eye for longevity and style.  Our team of specialists will work on your project with your vision always in mind.

We’re renowned for our work in residential properties throughout Australia. From the Mornington Peninsula to the Dandenong Ranges, Ringwood, Sydney CBD, Melbourne and Geelong, we’ve exceeded our clients’ expectations for major builds across the country. From new builds, multi-residential, interior design and more, EDG.Space can help you gain better value for your property in the long run with our attention to detail and save costs when you commission our designs with a contractor down the line.


EDG.Space provides full building design services and works closely with our clients throughout a streamlined process. From concept design to planning approval, contractor selection, and contract administration, our team is ready to guide you. We can negotiate the planning and execution of your project, collaborating to create a project tailored to your vision. When you decide to design with our designers at EDG.Space, you’re choosing a union of creative disciplines and can-do expertise with proven experience.



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We assist homeowners and developers gain a real-term perspective on what it takes to conduct a major renovation, total rebuild or entirely new build.
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