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Alastair McDonald


Alastair McDonald is not just a Building Designer, he is the founder and visionary force behind EDG.Space, who strongly believes that design isn’t just about blueprints and aesthetics - it’s about forging enduring relationships, navigating challenges and realising dreams. 

Across every project and every client, he finds inspiration, and challenges his team to make each day an exhilarating journey of discovery and innovation.


Background and Experience

With roots deeply embedded in civil and structural construction, Alastair's journey began within his family's business, fostering a profound understanding of the built environment from an early age. Architectural design and project management was a natural career path.


In 2003, he took the leap, founding Alastair McDonald Design, marking the genesis in his entrepreneurial journey. His knack for crafting breathtaking residential and commercial spaces led to the birth of Ecotecture Design Group in 2012.  With accolades adorning his portfolio, Alastair expanded his vision, creating EDG.Space, further expanding on his vision for incredible design backed by an exacting focus on documentation.

“Designs can’t reach their full potential if you haven’t considered the constraints. Your documentation must be able to satisfy State and Local Government legislation, clients brief and budgets. Designs need to be aesthetically pleasing, contributing to the built environment while still being functional. Budgets realities are essential for having candid discussions with clients that result in a shared understanding of expectations for the build.”

From the beginning in regional Victoria, Alastair championed good design as a beacon of progress. As a member of the Building Designers Association of Victoria, he propelled industry standards forward while keeping a keen eye on emerging trends. Recognising a broader opportunity, he steered EDG.Space's trajectory toward Melbourne, Sydney, and regional New South Wales, solidifying its footprint into more commercial builds - with a major focus on hospitality and health industries.

In 2022, Alastair's set up a permanent Melbourne office, and expanded his team of specialists dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions for commercial, industrial and boutique residential projects.   

Career Advice


For anyone interested in working in the architecture industry, Alastair says it’s about passion for seeing beautiful designs come to life.  But, he also says the design is only one part of a much bigger puzzle of being successful in architecture. 

To be a truly exceptional in creative design you must also have an exacting focus on quality documentation to ensure your building is constructed with design intent - the devil truly is within the detail. It's the documentation that will either make your project a stunning success or bring about total failure.


Alastair firmly believes that the keystone for success is relationships. 

“The relationships formed in each project are the most important and interesting part of working in building design. Each project and client are very different, so every day is a new opportunity to take on a new challenge and delight a client”. 


Outside of EDG.Space

Beyond the boardroom, Alastair loves the adrenalin rush of waterskiing, watching a good game of AFL, a quiet day out on the boat and exploring the culinary delights of new restaurants popping up throughout Australia.  He admits to not always getting the work / life balance right, but he prioritises making quality memories with his family and friends as part of his personal growth.

Alastair also feels strongly about giving back to his Community through philanthropic pursuits.  He is a tireless supporter of the Echuca Cancer Centre and helps raise funds each year as part of the Great Postie Bike Adventure.  In 2024 he, and 45 other riders, traversed Victoria’s Alpine Region and in 2023 they toured around North West Tasmania, raising over $100,000 for local hospitals and raising awareness across communities.


Qualifications and Professional Memberships


Alastair's qualifications speak volumes, with an Advanced Diploma in Building Design and Contract Administration anchoring his expertise.

A stalwart in the Building Designers Association of Victoria, now Design Matters National, he has served as a regional coordinator, committee member, and president, embodying a commitment to excellence that defines his legacy. He remains an active Fellow Member of the Association.

Alastair has also served on the board of National Association of Building Designers, Building Advisory Council Victoria and is a current member of Building Designer Association of Australia.

Alastair McDonald
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