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Cameron Knox

Contract Administrator

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Cameron brings a unique perspective to EDG.Space

He’s a qualified carpenter with a Bachelor of Urban Development – Construction Management & Property Development with Honours). This blend of hands-on construction skills, experience, and industry knowledge means he offers plenty of valuable insights to the team.


Cameron first began his career 10 years ago in landscaping, before becoming a Building Cadet at the RAAF Airbase, where he assisted in the delivery of a major project in an office-based role. 

While studying for his degree at the Queensland University of Technology, he decided to complete his trade apprenticeship as a Carpenter (Cert. III in Carpentry) - working and studying full-time.

After completing his degree, he quickly transitioned into project management, securing employment with Ashley Cooper Construction. He was responsible for tender to pre-project transition, risk analysis, procurement, and contract administration on small project teams across various commercial and hospitality projects from pre-contract to completion.

Before joining EDG.Space, he worked freelance, project managing various commercial, residential, and public health projects from proposal and planning through to practical completion and handover.

Challenges in the Building Design Sector

Because Cameron comes from a construction project management background, the industry's complexities aren’t new to him. However, the details around town planning, building applications and permits were initially more of a challenge.

Interesting Design Projects 

Before joining EDG.Space, Cameron worked on various large projects throughout Queensland and Northern NSW, acting as the sole project manager from start to finish.

Another exciting project he worked on was The Beach Hotel Byron Bay refurbishment, a massive undertaking encompassing the venue's restaurants, bars, and accommodations, all while the hotel and accommodation continued to trade at maximum capacity. 

Since joining the team at EDG.Space, Cameron has enjoyed working on various exciting design projects that have tested, challenged and strengthened his already solid project management skills.

Experience Working at EDG.Space

Since joining, Cameron has gained a new perspective working with Victorian regulations and planning approvals. He’s also enjoyed working more closely with clients from a design perspective. Cameron has brought a new dynamic to the team by looking at each of our projects' drawings and documents from the builder’s perspective.

“I guess I would say I’m quite a logical person. I don’t often get caught up in problems or issues. But at the same time, I think I’m a compassionate person, and I enjoy the human element of project management and problem-solving”, he says.

Advice for Pursuing a Career in Building Design

Cameron’s biggest piece of advice is to listen. He encourages anyone considering a career in project management, building design or architecture to take in as much information as possible from people above you, particularly those in the roles you’d like to see yourself in. 

“Never be too proud to admit you don’t know something and approach everything as an opportunity to learn and challenge yourself”, he says.

Completing a hands-on qualification also gave him the skills and knowledge to appreciate the building process, which has significantly helped him throughout his career.

Outside of EDG.Space

If Cameron had his way, he’d be travelling the world as a professional surfer, but thankfully, he’s just as happy working with us here at EDG.Space (or at least we like to think so). 

He’d love to develop property and invest, which is something he’s always been passionate about exploring. His other passions include travel, music, and experiencing new things. 

“I love to challenge myself in new environments, and I genuinely like to work hard and do good work”, he says. 

Cameron Knox
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