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Alastair McDonald


As the founder of EDG.Space, Alastair is driven and motivated. He loves the thrill of starting new projects, especially when it comes to seeing those projects complete. He’s passionate about expanding the EDG.Space team into new areas of the building design industry, always ensuring the focus stays on delivering custom-tailored solutions for every client.

“Beyond design, we’re focused on building relationships and providing unparalleled customer service. We manage the entire build process, facilitating a seamless experience for our clients”, he says.

Background and Experience

Alastair was first exposed to the building and construction industry at an early age, gaining experience in civil and structural construction through his family business. With experience in construction, design and project management, a career in building design was a natural progression. As was starting his own building design company.

After gaining practical experience as a draftsperson in Bendigo, it wasn’t long before he wanted to make his mark and launched his first business in 2003, Alastair McDonald Design. In 2007, Alastair formed a partnership with Envisage Design Group.

In 2012, he left Envisage Design Group to create Ecotecture Design Group, which evolved into EDG.Space to cater to a broader set of clients.

Starting with a local office in Echuca, Alastair wanted to promote good design in the Echuca region and throughout Victoria. He assembled a team of talented specialists, focussing on bespoke, solution-based design across boutique residential, commercial, and industrial projects. 

Alastair says that all the projects at EDG.Space are all unique. Whether they’re a smaller residential project or large hospitality or health projects, the exciting part of the project is getting to know the client, executing the brief and delivering a design that exceeds the client's expectations.

“The relationships formed in each project are the most interesting part of our profession. Because each project, client and client requirements are very different, each day is a new challenge”, he says. 

Challenges and Influences

Alastair says the constant change within the design industry makes it challenging to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the team’s projects always remain relevant and innovative. However, the constant change and evolving industry trends make our profession enjoyable and keep our team engaged and fresh.

He credits his biggest influences as his peers within the building design industry. Although every designer has a different perspective and design style, he says there’s always a lot to learn by taking note of other designers’ processes and how they interpret a client’s needs when creating a project.  

Career Advice

For anyone interested in working in building design, Alastair says it’s all about working hard and ensuring you’re passionate about the industry. 

He also wants potential building designers to realise that design is only a small part of the profession. Designs can’t reach their full potential if you don’t have accurate and concise documentation to ensure the constructability of the design, meeting budget and site constraints that satisfy state and local government legislation.

Outside of EDG.Space

Outside work, Alastair loves waterskiing, watching AFL, trying out new restaurants, boating and travelling. 

He also helps raise funds for the Echuca Cancer Centre each year by riding posties bikes. Last year, along with fellow riders, he toured North West Tasmania and raised over $100,000 collectively.

Alastair McDonald
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