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Johnny Khonsavang

Contract Administrator

Johnny is our Contract Administrator / Project Coordinator. He has extensive industry knowledge and has successfully managed various commercial, multi-residential, education, and hospitality projects.

His experience and passion for building design make him an invaluable member of the team. Known for his forward-thinking project management skills, Johnny excels in leading teams, coordinating resources, and maintaining project schedules. 

His strong work ethic, adaptability, and interpersonal skills make him a valuable asset to all our projects.


Johnny’s passion for building design was first ignited during a memorable art class - where his creations consistently reflected architectural elements. 

This early interest set him on a determined path, leading him to a career in building design. 

After a gap year of backpacking overseas, Johnny returned to Australia to complete a Diploma of Applied Science (Architecture) from Victoria University. He then landed his first job at a small architectural practice in Kew. Since then, he’s worked at various architectural firms across Melbourne, most recently in Project Leader or Team Leader roles.

Professional Challenges and Learnings

Johnny acknowledges that each building design project presents unique challenges. And larger projects are often more complex. His ability to understand and solve these issues alongside a collaborative team of experts is the key to his success. 

Throughout his career, Johnny has worked on several high-profile projects, particularly high-rise buildings, which he finds the most fascinating. These projects have taught him to think outside the box and seek out innovative and unique future living concepts. 

Influences and Interests

Johnny draws inspiration from the ever-evolving field of architecture. If he weren't in building design, he would likely pursue a career in landscaping, combining his love for the outdoors with his design skills. He has already applied these skills to personal projects, including his own home.

Johnny describes himself as a hardworking individual who embraces challenges. He values honesty, fairness, and professionalism in all his dealings. 

Advice for Pursuing a Career in Building Design

Johnny encourages aspiring building designers to draw inspiration from diverse architectural styles. He emphasises the importance of continuous learning and viewing yourself as a perpetual architecture student.

“Be inspired by not one, but all types of architecture. Appreciate and admire various forms. All buildings are an art form created to be beautiful at their point in time,” he says.

Experience at EDG.Space 

Although relatively new to the team, Johnny is already enjoying the vibrant work environment in our Melbourne CBD office. He looks forward to contributing to the team and growing within the company.

Outside of EDG.Space

Outside of work, Johnny is passionate about motorcycles! He loves the freedom and social connections that come with riding. For Johnny, motorcycling isn’t just about the adrenaline rush but the entire experience and the desire for freedom while on the open road.

Johnny Khonsavang
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