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Joel Osborne

Revit Documenter

Joel is a dedicated and efficient architectural draftsperson with over five years of industry experience.

He’s worked across commercial and residential projects, from design and approvals to tendering and contract administration. He’s also highly experienced in working with external consultants to deliver excellent client outcomes. 

Background and Experience

Joel has completed an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architecture) from the Swinburne University of Technology and worked at various architecture and drafting firms in Melbourne before joining us at EDG.Space.

With his solid knowledge of the planning process, construction methodology and detailed documentation, he is skilled at overcoming any obstacle that might come his way throughout the design, planning and construction process!

Why Building Design? 

As a child, Joel used to love assembling things and creating detailed floor plans for his future dream house. This early fascination, combined with the influence of friends entering trades, led Joel to pursue a career in building design. 

He realised modelling and documenting would be the perfect way to satisfy his desire to present neat and detailed work and continue to have common interests with his friends.

Interesting Projects and Learnings

Joel has been involved in various projects during his career, ranging from large radiology projects and operating theatres to hospitals and residential developments. These experiences have provided him with a broad range of skills in design, town planning, working drawings, and construction administration.

Joel credits his first manager and an engineer from his early career as significant influences. They taught him the importance of work ethic, attention to detail, and a proactive attitude in his professional life.

Career Advice

Joel’s biggest tip for potential architects, building designers, or documenters is to familiarise themselves with basic construction methodologies.

“Get familiar with how different buildings are constructed. Once you have a solid foundation of basic construction methodology, it can really spark your creativity, allowing you to come up with excellent ideas to produce an aesthetic design with form and function”, he says.

Joel also encourages anyone considering a career in the industry to understand some of the challenges, such as budget constraints, time allocation for building permit approvals, and tight deadlines. These require meticulous planning and efficient time management skills.

Alternative Career Path

If he wasn’t working in building design, Joel imagines he would have pursued a career in IT. He would likely be in a role that allowed him to focus on complex, number-based tasks such as cybersecurity or artificial intelligence.

More About Joel

Joel enjoys exploring psychology, watching sports (especially AFL and NBA), and reading books in his spare time.

He describes himself as highly attentive to detail, outcome-driven, and unafraid of taking the lead to find solutions.

Joel Osborne
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