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Jenny Dang

Building Designer

Jenny is our Building Designer - Team Leader. She's armed with a background in building design, architecture, and construction management, and enjoys the intricacies of design thinking and planning. 

As a qualified building designer, Jenny enjoys design because it allows her to create spaces that blend functionality with beauty that people truly appreciate and find useful.  


Jenny’s journey into the industry began with studying for an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architecture) at Victoria University. She then completed a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and a Bachelor of Construction Management at Deakin University, where she explored the fundamentals of design thinking and planning. 

Prior to joining EDG.Space as a building designer, Jenny worked as an architectural draftsperson designing concepts, documenting town planning and working drawings for various residential and industrial projects. 

“I find joy in the challenge of making spaces that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also serve a practical purpose. This balance of practicality and beauty keeps me passionate”, she says.

Interesting Design Projects 

One of Jenny’s most interesting projects was designing a mixed-use development in the heart of Moama. The development blends modern living with commercial spaces to create a dynamic and inviting community hub.

“Working on the project allowed me to not only understand the individual components of the project but also how they interact and contribute to the overall experience”, Jenny says.

Challenges in the Building Design Sector

Jenny’s biggest challenge is finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and function, while incorporating sustainable design to positively impact the environment.

Experience Working at EDG.Space

Jenny thrives in the dynamic environment at EDG.Space where she collaborates with like-minded professionals who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of design.

Her mentor, Alastair McDonald, is pivotal in shaping her design and project management approach. His emphasis on client relationships, attention to detail, and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends have been an enormous influence, helping her continually push the boundaries of design excellence.

“Every project here at EDG.Space has been different, and this keeps me on my toes”, she says.

Advice for Pursuing a Career in Building Design

For aspiring building designers, Jenny believes it's essential to invest in yourself and embrace continuous learning.

“Architecture is dynamic and always changing, whether new technology advancements, material or new design trends in the industry”, she says.

Jenny Dang
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