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Carla Miller

Office Coordinator

Carla brings a huge amount of knowledge and skills to support the team at EDG.Space, having worked in a variety of administrative and HR-focused roles.

Background and Experience

Originally from Bendigo, Carla moved to Perth in 2021 to open a new office for her then-employer. She’s been working in the mining recruitment industry for the past seven years and has recently returned to Victoria—to her husband’s hometown of Echuca! 

She brings extensive experience in recruitment and administration and a diverse skill set. Prior to joining us, she held various roles, including Senior Recruitment Advisor, Mining and Trades Team Leader, and Recruitment Manager. 

Throughout her career, Carla has demonstrated a firm commitment to building relationships, training new staff, and creating positive work environments.

Working at EDG.Space

Having spent the last few years working in the mining industry, Carls is keen to embrace the challenge of a new industry! She enjoys learning from her colleagues and leverages her adaptable nature. She’s excited about the chance to grow and contribute to the team at EDG.Space.

Professional Philosophy

Carla is passionate about creating a workplace that prioritises its people. She believes in the importance of fostering a safe, respectful, and happy work environment and is committed to providing high levels of service to clients and partners. 

Her focus on communication and training new staff underscores her dedication to building strong, positive relationships within the workplace.

Outside of EDG.Space

Carla describes herself as bubbly, passionate, and caring. If she wasn’t working in admin or HR, Carla envisions herself in a health-related career, driven by her desire to care for others and make a positive impact.

Outside work, Carla enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Ross, and their puppy, Odie. She loves taking long walks along the river and engaging in home renovation projects. She’s definitely working at the right place!

Carla Miller
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