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Belinda Page

Business Manager

Belinda is an exceptional leader who always delivers high quality customer service to our clients throughout Eastern Australia. 

She brings a wealth of experience to the EDG.Space team. With a background in customer service, leadership and management, she makes sure our offices in Melbourne and Echuca always run smoothly. 

Background and Experience

Belinda has extensive leadership and customer service skills, predominantly in retail before joining our team.

Besides a strong track record of meeting KPIs, overseeing various departmental operations and maximising sales, she’s also earned a reputation for building strong, loyal teams with a positive culture.

She’s previously worked as a Store Manager, ensuring the effective management of all day-to-day operations. She’s also worked as the Assistant Service Manager and Service Manager at various car dealerships, where she maintained customer relations and resolved various issues to drive customer loyalty.

The Heart of EDG.Space

As our Business Manager, Belinda is at the helm of keeping everything under control. She manages the team, including workflow and productivity, and her leadership helps drive our success.

She's a true 'Jill of all Trades', responsible for project management and coordination, contract administration, arranging quotes, managing accounts payable and receivable and overseeing IT management.

Belinda also manages all new client enquiries and liaises with our clients on a daily basis. She also manages staff recruitment, invoicing, town planning and payroll!

On top of managing our operations and people, she's also extremely versatile, reliable and super adaptable. Whether working with the team or leading, she connects effortlessly with people of all ages and backgrounds, creating a positive and inclusive work environment. 

She draws people into the office with her welcoming personality, personable nature, and unwavering can-do attitude.

Key Skills and Attributes

Belinda really promotes collaboration and a positive team culture.

She’s an excellent communicator, a queen of multi-tasking, and offers consistent and unique problem-solving abilities.

Known for her friendly and approachable demeanour, she’s highly motivated and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver for our clients, making her a valuable asset at EDG.Space.

She’s also tech-savvy, highly organised, honest and respectful, handling our client interactions with confidentiality and integrity. 

Outside of EDG.Space

When Belinda’s not busy supporting Alastair and the team, she loves spending time with friends and family. 

She enjoys renovating her home and spending time in her garden and nature. 

She also loves popping in her AirPods and listening to some tunes while enjoying a nice long walk!

Belinda Page
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