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Alastair McDonald, Our Founder

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Alastair is the founder and visionary force behind EDG.Space. With an unwavering commitment to unique, innovative designs and excellent customer service, Alastair thrives on bringing his and the team’s designs to life. 


Background and Experience


Alastair’s journey into building design started at an early age, gaining experience in civil and structural construction through his family business. 


Armed with a good understanding of construction, design, and project management, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of building design and launched his first business in 2003, Alastair McDonald Design. 


Fast forward to 2007, and with plenty of experience designing stunning residential and commercial buildings, he co-created Envisage Design Group. 


By 2012, with more successful designs and a few award wins and nominations to his name, he launched Ecotecture Design Group to cater to a broader set of clients, which then evolved into EDG.Space.

Growing EDG.Space

Alastair has always been passionate about promoting good design throughout Victoria and NSW.​

As an active member and past president of the Building Designers Association of Victoria, he’s been an avid follower of industry trends with his finger on the pulse. He soon realised the opportunity for expansion - to bring EDG.Space’s unique designs to more areas of Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and regional NSW.


With a solid reputation and established network, the last few years have seen him focus on growing and expanding the business. 


Launching a permanent Melbourne office in 2022, Alastair is building a team of talented specialists focused on creating bespoke, solution-based designs across boutique residential, commercial, and industrial projects. 

Career Advice


For anyone interested in working in building design, Alastair says it’s all about working hard and passion.


But he also says design is only a small part of being a successful building designer.


“Designs can’t reach their full potential if you don’t have accurate documentation. You also need to meet site constraints that satisfy state and local government legislation. And upfront discussions with clients about budget are essential to set everyone’s expectations”, he says.


But the most essential element is relationships.

“The relationships formed in each project are the most interesting part of working in building design. Each project and client are very different, so every day is a new challenge”, he says. 

Outside of EDG.Space

Outside work, Alastair loves waterskiing, watching AFL, trying out new restaurants, boating and travelling. 

He also helps raise funds for the Echuca Cancer Centre each year as part of the Great Postie Bike Adventure. In February 2024 with 45 other riders, he toured Victoria's Alpine Region to raise funds for local hospitals in Echuca. And in 2023 he toured North West Tasmania, raising over $100,000 collectively.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Alastair has an Advanced Diploma in Building Design and Contract Administration. 


Throughout his career, Alastair has been heavily involved in the Building Designers Association of Victoria, now known as Design Matters National.


For five years, he served as the regional coordinator for central Victoria.


He also sat on the Committee of Management for eight years and was the President for two years. He’s still an active Fellow Member of the Association.

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